The t-shirt yarn of first cut versus the recycled t-shirt yarn

One of the frequent questions in our shop refers to the differences between these two types of t-shirt yarn, what is recommended for one handmade work or another? You will find some answers below.

On the international market there is a big variety of t-shirt yarn, with different denominations, such as: spaghetti, macaroni, ribbon yarn, knitting yarn, etc. All of them can be divided in two categories, according to the method of production: threads cut of entire pieces of textiles or recycled from the remains of the textile industry.

The difference between the two categories consists first of all in the weight and aspect of the thread.


The first cut t-shirt yarn:

  • Is uniform on all its length;
  • Doesn’t have knots, the thread is uninterrupted;
  • Is light, of small weight, a bobbin of 100 meters usually weights around 350 grams;
  • Is rigid, having a very small or no elasticity; usually the threads have a composition of 100 % cotton;
  • The consumption for handmade works is bigger than in the case of recycled t-shirt yarn;
  • It is recommended especially for creating bags, backpacks for children and adults, bracelets, home slippers, baskets, etc.

The recycled t-shirt yarn:

  • The thread can be non-uniform in some places or interrupted, because it is cut from pieces of textiles;
  • It is heavier: a bobbin usually weights around 850-950 grams;
  • The thread is very rigid, being a bit elastic as well; often it has in its composition spandex or other fibers besides cotton, which gives a small elasticity;
  • It is more economical; the consumption being reduced as compared to the first cut t-shirt yarn;
  • It excellently keeps the form;
  • It is recommended especially for creating baskets, baby prams, bags, backpacks, carpets, different décor objects, etc.

IMPORTANT: the interrupted thread, knots or non-uniformity, are not considered defects, this is the specific result of the method of production of this category of t-shirt yarn!

Besides the selection of the category, it is also important to select the producer accordingly! The first cut t-shirt yarn, as well as the recycled one, can have different quality standards, depending on the producer and materials used for the production.

At Mishop you will find both categories of t-shirt yarn, and our team will offer you all the required information so as to do the best choice!

Looking forward to seeing you in our shops!